Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March 29, Socrates Kyoto: Graf Orlock, Dangers, Mortalized, etc.

Thursday night. Finish work. Ride my bicycle down to Socrates, a live venue in Kyoto the size of my apartment.

I had just been to this venue the last Sunday to see a collaboration grind/hardcore show, and a couple of these bands hosted two bands on tour from the US: Dangers, a hardcore/punk (genre arguable) and Graf Orlock, a movie sound-clip infused grind band. I’d never heard of these bands before, but my grind fanatic friend told about Graf Orlock, and I didn’t want to miss the chance to bike down and see these young punk trailblazers for 1500 yen on their Japan tour. (Japan tours are the highlight of every indie/punk band’s career, right?)

Half the crowd was band members, and everyone was kinda chill being Thursday night and recovering from last Sunday’s show, but the bands’ performances were awesome.
The event is called Smell the Coffee (I saw Melt Banana before as part of the same event) and I understand it’s hosted by Ball Busters.


ツアーバンドとは、グラインドのGraf OrlockさんとハードコアバンドのDangersさん。近くでツアーバンドが見れる、しかも1500円で!見逃すわけにはいかない。


今回のイベントはSmell the Coffeeというイベント。前レジェンドのMelt Bananaを同じイベントでも見て、すごく楽しかった。このイベントはBall Bustersが主催してるようなことを聞いた

Bloodball, a local hardcore band, played Sunday’s show. I don’t know too much about them, but their name always appears on local hardcore event posters. Loud, energetic, brutal, tight hardcore. Their vocalist has tons of charisma and just makes me want to shout along. Once I figure out the lyrics...
Last Sunday, by the way, they played a packed show, everyone was into it, lots of fun. Actually this video explains it pretty well.

Ball Busters
Old-school hardcore riffs meshed with funky jamming sessions. This is a great band to listen to with a beer in your hand, until the vocalist comes diving at you.

Kyoto’s legendary three-piece grind band. Blistering fast drums, technical riffs mixed with some melancholic chords, and an awesome vocalist. If you’re in Kyoto, I highly recommend checking out this band.

I listened to them for the first time right before the show, which is too bad because this is a band worth knowing the lyrics beforehand. Really poetic and really vicious hardcore at the same time. Not quite old school, but never new-school emo breakdown stuff. They remind me a lot of broken-up Modern Life is War, whose hoodie I happened to be wearing that night.
The vocalist was really, really intense.

Graf Orlock
Graf Orlock’s wikipedia description is pretty awesome. Their show is too. The guitarist (also the guitarist for Dangers?) plays the samples before launching into shredding grind.

A member of a Tokyo band Endzweck was accompanying the bands, and he gave me his demo. Pretty cool stuff.

I also walked out with the tour shirt, two bands shirts in one!

That’s my show report! Stay tuned for more.

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