Thursday, August 20, 2015

This band is a Terrible Joke

Zen Lunaticsの活動でバンドやる勢いを止められなくて、新しくバンド組みました。ひどい冗談みたいなバンドやりたくて「Terrible Joke」という名前を付けました。

I had so much fun in Zen Lunatics that I decided to start another band. I think we managed to choose name that encompasses the kind of attitude I want for the band. Please meet “Terrible Joke”.

ピンボー(ボーカル)がやりたく結成しました。ゼンルナのギターとして成長できたものの(まだまだ下手だけど)、今まで一番尊敬してきたのはハードコアのボーカルでした。Los Crudos/Limp WristのマーティンやBaneのAaronなどたくさんあります。

I formed Terrible Joke with as the vocalist. While I really grew as a guitarist in Zen Lunatics (though I still am not that good a player), I have always looked up to hardcore vocalists. Some of my favorites include Los Crudos/Limp Wrist’s Martin Sorrondeguy, Bane’s Aaron Bedard, and many more.


I am so happy to have found three musicians to back me up that bring the performance quality of our band way above the level of a “terrible joke”. Takuto, on guitar, punishes the riffs into his flying V with his silky flowing hair and his charming smile. Kaoru, on bass, brings his thrash roots into his punk persona bringing the metal out of the simple three-chord riffs. Tom, on drums, while at times an out of control party animal, maximizes the rhythm and groove without sacrificing the high-speed attack.


We’ve only been together a couple months. So far I have written the riffs and lyrics for all 13 songs, but from here on out I think creative input from the other members and the positive fun atmosphere among the four of us will really help us develop as a pretty cool band.


My main goal in this band is just to have fun. Please come and check out our shows, and if you’re putting on a show, think about giving us an invite!


Here are a couple of videos from our first shows to check out.


Our next show is this Sunday in Socrates, a small but awesome venue in Kyoto. Come check us out!

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