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Interview with Sobbed, Grind Band from Kyoto / 京都のソブドとインタビュー


For this blog entry, I have conducted the first of what I hope will be many interviews with local bands! I was so excited when Sobbed agreed to my interview. They are a really fun grind band in Kyoto that does a lot of work to create a great music scene in Kyoto and just to play awesome grind. I highly recommend you check them out! Check out the original Japanese followed by the English translation.

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Please tell me the names of Sobbed’s members.

Taku (below: T) / Left
Yuji (below: Y) / Right
Sin8 (below: S) / Center



Your band name has change a few times, right? I think it was “Malebolgia” before? Is there a special meaning to the name “Sobbed”?

T - Kutsujoku, Malebolgia, and Sobbed are entirely different forms of expression. As for the name choice, no comment.

S - I didn’t know what “Sobbed” meant until I looked it up in the dictionary, but I liked it because it seemed cold and mechanical! Terminate!

最近リリースされた「Grind on the Doorstep!!」では日本の素晴らしい4バンドが集まっています。アルバムについて一言お願いします。



You were included on the recent 4-way split featuring four great Japanese grind bands [Sobbed, MassCollapse (Fukuoka), Orgasm Grind Disruption (Tokyo), and Corbata (Tokyo)] titled “Grind on the Doorstep!!” Can you tell us something about this record?

T - The members in each of the four bands are from different parts of the country and are different ages and from different backgrounds. But the one thing we have in common is that we are all proud of the fact that “our band is the awesomest!” That and blast beats. We definitely want you to enjoy the “GRIND” of each band.

S - What was at first a 3-way split turned into a 4-way split, becoming a truly interesting match-up with the young grinder team vs the veteran team! You never know how things will turn out!



What’s in store for Sobbed in the near future?

T - We want to perform anywhere possible, regardless of region, country, or genre. We also want to release as much music as possible. I want to keep hosting “HOMEPARTY” events as we have been doing, and take on an even greater level of responsibility in the events. The venue will for the event will continue to be Socrates in Kyoto. We are on the lookout for anyone who has common interests and wants to give back to Kyoto to co-host events with us. However, I feel that co-organizers should be somewhat serious about their role, and that it is required to have a sense of responsibility and to be proactive.

S - Most of all, to perform in many locations, release records...and most (important) of all, to keep going (playing grind)!












おすすめの日本のバンドは沢山ありすぎて書ききれない!でもあえて言うなら大阪のFORTITUDEと長野のZagio Evha Diledgj!


What bands have influenced you? And what Japanese bands do you recommend?

T - I would like to recommend, but here I will introduce 2 bands from Kyoto.

Destructive evil ultra-heavy beatdown hardcore band



Excessively dark ultra-heavy slow black metallic sludge hell band


The former is a powerful band in Kyoto’s underground scene who break down the boundaries and play with the ferocity to break their own bodies, and they play all over Japan on any day of the week. If you haven’t seen them play yet you should go see them right away. And be astonished. I think they have a demo available.

The latter is doom sludge hardcore that mutated out of Kyoto, a barren underground extreme music wasteland!! In addition to the guitar, bass, and drum players is a noisician, giving this band a unique lineup. With torturous phrases focused only on heaviness and torturous explosive sounds repeated a torturous number of times, this is some cruel and malicious coal tar sludge!

They are also expanding their presence nationwide without barriers, so anyone who has not yet seen them yet should get in touch with them right away and witness their performance!

S – I personally got interested in playing grind from records by Regurgitate, Excruciating Terror, and Despise You!

There are so many Japanese bands I recommend that I can’t list them all! But here I would like to recommend Fortitude from Osaka and Zagio Evha Diledgj from Nagano.

Y - Fortitude and Five No Risk are awesome.





I am personally really into the Japanese grind scene right now. What do you think of the state of grind in Japan?

T - This is off topic, but, not just focusing on the state of grind, I want more young people to get into all aspects of the underground extreme scene. We are way too young to be called the youngest band on the scene. In order to accomplish this, we must only provide something that will interest youth, and also keep on playing.

S - I think that the Japanese grind population, or even the grind population as a whole hasn’t changed much since the past. I wish more party animals would join the scene! Don’t worry about the genre! All you have to do is get drunk and go crazy!

T-我々のSHOWに参加して下さい。お待ちしています。keep on GRIND!!


Anything else you would like to say?

T - Please come join our show. We await you. Keep on Grind!!

S - Someone with money and that can speak English, come abroad with us!



Lastly, what is your favorite food?

Sobbed - Ramen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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