Monday, December 2, 2013

manchester school≡ new EP review

In this post I discuss my experience with the Osaka punk band “manchester school”, review their new EP, and translate the lyrics for their music video. Japanese translation included.

今回の投稿は、”manchester schoolという大阪のパンクバンドについて発見経験、最新EPのレビュー、そしてPVの曲の歌詞英訳という内容です。日本語訳も書いていますのでゆっくりご堪能を。

My friend invited me to an event in Kyoto called Kansen Live. This is a live event held every month in a low-key venue called Metro which is in a subway station on the east edge of Kyoto City.


From my few visits, Metro always seems to attract a welcoming, young crowd with a variety of quality events, including drag nights, British rock nights, and reggae shows. It is a nice place considering the location and I recommend checking the venue schedule if you are in town and want somewhere to hang out at night. If you can pick up a flyer at nearby stores, they often have discount coupons for non-Japanese guests. Check it out here:


The event Kansen Live is something special. It is generally held on a weekday night, with a cover charge of just under 1000 yen, and no drink charge. There are a half-dozen or so bands that play, and you never know what to expect. Pop-punk, grindcore, mellow indie, electronic projects, and rap-rock are some of the genres I’ve seen in my few times at the event. I really have no idea how they get these bands together.


The venue has a small stage, but Kansen Live is a “floor live”, so all performances are done on the floor in front of the stage, leaving only a small space between the band and the bar, with everyone who doesn’t fit there struggling to watch from either side.


So what happens when you get a crazy hardcore punk band with everyone moshing around in that small space? Well manchester school answered that question for me. Pure chaos. At first the lead vocalist played along with his guitar, and as things got heated up, he threw that guitar down and went crazy screaming into the microphone moshing around with the rest of the kids. At one point I think he was doing a handstand on the bar, and by the end he was butt naked.

こんな状況でイカれているハードコアパンクバンドとモッシュしまくる客を集めるとどうなるだろう?manchester schoolがその疑問に答えてくれた。もちろん、カオスが起こる。最初はボーカルの人がギターを弾きながら歌ってて、そして何曲か弾いて盛り上がると、彼はギターを投げ捨てて、モッシュキッズと暴れながら叫びまくりだした。途中でバーの上で逆立ちしてたと思うし、最後には真っ裸になってた記憶がある。

The second time I saw them was at an amazing punk fest in the summer called Stormy Dudes Festa hosted by Osaka hardcore punk veterans Razors Edge, and this time the audience watched a bit more calmly, letting me get a feel for what their music was like.

二回目ライブを見たときは、RAZORS EDGE主催の「STORMY DUDES FESTA!」というパンクフェスイベントで、その時は客はもうちょっと落ち着いてみたので、俺もちゃんと音楽をしっかり聞いて雰囲気をつかめることができた。

About half of their songs are like tributes to their self-proclaimed influenced the Buzzcocks with Japanese lyrics, which they do a great job of getting the right vibe with Japanese lyrics. Then, when Haruro puts his guitar down to focus on screaming and jumping around, they get into a crazy hardcore screamfest, closer to their self-proclaimed influence Gang Green.

曲の半分ぐらいでは、自ら影響を受けているという「Buzzcocks」の雰囲気を日本語の歌詞にいい感じに乗せている。そして、そのボーカルのハルロヲがギターを置いて叫びと踊りに集中すると、クレイジーハードコアモードになり、自ら影響を受けているという「Gang Green」よりな雰囲気に切り替わる。

I remember at this show Haruro mentioned a record in the making, which piqued my interest and which I finally found when I was wandering around in Time Bomb Records in Osaka in November.

Packaged with style and recorded with satisfying sound quality, the record really gets across the great sound that they put out at every show, from the melancholic melodies to the chaotic shout-alongs.



I recommend this record to anyone who likes the bands they mention as influences (Gang Green side: FRUITY, Idol Punch, BOREDOMS) (Buzzcocks side: Descendents, Pixies, Kenji Ozawa, Kaseki Cider, Spitz), and anyone who wants to support a new, young punk band from Osaka, Japan. Check out their website for tour dates.

このレコードは、manchester schoolが指摘している影響のバンド(FRUITYIdol PunchGANG GREENBOREDOMSなどに影響を受けた今作での「ENID」「futon」などのハイテンションなハードコアと、BUZZCOCKSDESCENDENTSPIXIES、小沢健二、かせきさいだぁ≡、スピッツ)が好きな人と、大阪の新しいヤングパンクスを応援したい人にはおすすめします。ツアーデートはオフィシャルHPに載っている。

They also uploaded a music video from their album with lyrics, so I will take the liberty of providing the pronunciation and English translation.

Title: KIDS

hikitomeru   machi wo furiharau
tachikogi no “Is this my world?”

Shake off this world that is holding me back.
Stand up and pedal as I think, “Is this my world?”

daitai hiruma ni okite ru.
kurage ni riyuu wa nai desho
kuragari ni nareta kono me wo
kanojo no oya wa kiratta

Usually wake up in the afternoon.
Jellyfish don’t need a reason [unsure about this part…jellyfish? / ここは自信がない…なんでクラゲ?]
These eyes that have accustomed to darkness
Girlfriend’s parents hated them


hoshikuzu mitai na aitsu no
gita- no rihu yatara dekakute
“nanji da to omottenda!”
“nanji da to omottenda!”

That guy's stardust-like
riffs are way too loud
“Do you know what time it is?!”
“Do you know what time it is?!”

That's all! And for good measure, watch their other video! It's so good!


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