Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Up-and-coming punk bands in Osaka, Japan / 関西で要注目のパンクバンド

I've been hanging around going to shows in the Kansai area, and I wanted to share a few bands I think everyone should now about that I haven't seen on any/many Japanese punk band lists. Check it!



Known as a two-bass noise crust punk band, their lineup is changing with one bassist going on vocals only and a new high school kid on guitar. Looking forward to their new style. Their overpowering noise is complemented by awesome riffs and fast beats.


Zyanose at Chaos in Tejas (old lineup) - YouTube:

Zyanose in King Cobra, Osaka, Japan (new lineup)

Manchester School≡
Buzzcocks plus Gang Green plus Japanese lyrics and little angst mixed in. Love these guys.

Gang Green+日本語の歌詞+青春をかき混ぜた結果。このバンドめっちゃ好き。

manchester school≡ "Last Scene" (official music video):

Flat Sucks

Really raw old-school hardcore punk, with humorous lyrics and performance. The members are really interested in touring outside Japan, with past ventures to Southeast Asia.


Flat Sucks - Sorry.wmv: 

Hitoga Atsumaruto Rokuna Kotoganai / Flat Sucks -

KK Manga

Leading the "scum punk" scene in Osaka. Usually barf on stage and trash their gear by the end. Unforgettable live performance.


Cover of A-ha's Take On Me:

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